Debbie is amazing! She is helpful and sweet and always available to offer support. She met with us several times during the pregnancy and offered support over the phone frequently during our 42 week pregnancy. She was a calm and fantastic support during a long and difficult labor. She took such good care of me and my husband; she made us feel in control and very well cared for. She was right by my side for over 24 hours. She even visited us in the hospital after the birth, as well as a doing a postpartum visit in our apartment. I strongly recommend her as a doula; her support was invaluable during the birth of my daughter. If you are a first time mom or just would benefit from constant and caring labor support, Debbie is the doula for you! We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!



I don’t even know where to begin. Debbie was with us for a week and a half serving as our birth doula and postpartum doula. She is worth her weight in GOLD. She gave me the antepartum support I needed to go into birth feeling confident and despite ours ending in a C-section, she was still by my side and still helped me come up with a birth plan to help make it as natural as possible. Since birth she has helped with my recovery, nursing, errands, my older son, household chores, cooking, our animals, etc. etc. making the transition easy and seamless while allowing me to focus on my body healing and bonding with our sweet newborn. She has become a part of our family and I am absolutely going to be lost without her although, I will take everything she has taught and left me into each day moving forward. Did I mention she travels?? 4 hours to be exact! Don’t hesitate, Debbie is the one.


Debbie went above and beyond with her care before, during and after delivery. I cannot imagine going through my experience without her by my side and without her caring support. She was truly irreplaceable and I feel so lucky and blessed we had her as our doula for our second birth. 


 Debbie is an amazing Doula!!! We couldn’t have done it without her! What she brought to the table was invaluable. As a chiropractor, I wanted to do as many things naturally and preventatively as I could, and Debbie was right in line with that, helping with those decisions and battles as well. I highly  recommend her to my patients and friends,  for knowing what to do and when to do it. Thanks Debbie, you’re a rockstar Doula!: 


 Debbie is absolutely fantastic! She goes above and beyond for her clients. She helped me fulfill my birth plan even when I thought I couldn't do it. Every step of the way, she was by my side and coaching both me and my husband throughout our birth. I would have been lost without her! 


For the birth of our first child, we knew we could benefit from having a doula to guide us. We had read about the positives of having a doula, from education about birthing options and birth planning, to comfort measures and advocacy during labor and delivery, to post-partum check-ins to help moms and dads process their emotions and get settled into a new family dynamic. We found Debbie and we are so glad we did, as she provided all of that and so much more! We met with her twice in our home as we approached late-stage pregnancy, and she was instrumental in helping us to get organized and prepared ahead of our due date. When the time came, my labor unfolded very quickly, particularly for a first child -  roughly four and a half hours from first contraction to having my son in my arms. Debbie was at our house very shortly after I texted her "this is it" and throughout the next few hours, coached us on when to head to the hospital (and what to expect during the car ride); provided comfort measures even as the delivery unfolded in a very rapid and therefore somewhat chaotic fashion; stayed with us in the hospital for the first few critical hours; and then checked in regularly in the following weeks. It was so nice to have a familiar and experienced counselor during those important moments ... moments that changed our life forever. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, go for it, and know that you are in trusted hands with Debbie!




Debbie was awesome through the labor, delivery and postpartum phase with my son. I’d definitely recommend her services!! 




Living very far from family, I knew I wanted to have the loving and empowering support of a doula during my pregnancy. When my husband and I met Debbie it just clicked. We knew we’d be comfortable having Debbie be a part of our pregnancy and ultimately in the intimate birthing space with us and the midwives. She was also an advocate for our birth plan on the big day. This helped my husband and I stay focused and in the moment with my body and each other. Debbie has the knowledge, experience and the calming energy I was needing. I was a very anxious pregnant woman, but determined to try to have a natural birthing experience with as little medical intervention as possible. Debbie helped my husband and I prepare for our baby’s birthday with home visits, birth planning for multiple birthing scenarios, pain management techniques and was always available to chat via phone and texting for emotional support. With Debbie’s help I had an amazing birthing experience. I loved my daughter’s birth and was able to do it unmedicated. I am so happy that we put our trust in Debbie and if/when we decide to expand our family again we will definitely be calling Debbie!