A little about me


Hi, I'm Debbie, mother to 5 adult children, and 6 grandkids. 

I have always been about everything family and child, and have been blessed to experience that incredible joy in my own life. When I was having my own babies, I wasn't aware of such a thing as a doula. Oh how I would have benefited from having one! As soon as I found out what a doula was, I knew I had found my life-long calling. 

I am by nature nurturing and compassionate, and the work of a doula allows that to shine. 

It is my great honor of being welcomed into that sacred place of expectant families as they welcome their precious babies earth side and adjust to life with a newborn.

I have named my company Your Birth Matters Doula Services, because everyone deserves their best birth, and every birth is important. I remind all my clients that 'this is your  birth!'  There is no correct way to give birth. Each birth is unique, and my services are tailored accordingly. 

You deserve your very best birth! 


Certified Doula

Spinning Babies trained

Bengkung Belly Binding trained